A Sunday stroll around Bangsar Village

I woke up early this Sunday morning and opened the curtains just to find out it was raining so my plan to head over for Breakfast at Bangsar Village seamed like a bad option. So I quickly came up with a plan B, to hope for the rain to stop and find my way over to the Village for a nice lunch instead.

_60a3564 _60a3565

I visited the Bangsar Village a few weeks ago with a friend for dinner and was told it is a great place to hang out during the day as it has a wide selection of cafe’s, Restaurants and shops.

_60a3566  _60a3567

As soon as the rain stopped i booked a grab taxi, took my camera and I was lucky that the traffic was not to heavy, so it did not take me to long to get there.

_60a3579  _60a3568

The area has a wide selection of restaurants serving everything from Local food, Japanese, Thai, Chinese and Western cuisine.

_60a3578 _60a3581

_60a3585  _60a3580

I checked out the lunch menu at the Ril’s Bangsar restaurant and ended up ordering a fantastic tasting Beef. The place have a nice atmosphere, great service and amazing tasting food, so well worth a visit.

_60a3575  _60a3574

_60a3572  _60a3576

The Pasar Malam Bangsar market is located just next to the village mosque.

_60a3613  _60a3588

_60a3602  _60a3594

_60a3593  _60a3601

You will find a mix of stalls with option to buy fruit and vegetables, taste the local cooked food or shop for cloths and other items. For sure an interesting place for a stroll and people watching.

_60a3620  _60a3617

_60a3615  _60a3621

I spent some time at the market, before I found my way over to the shopping center.

_60a3608  _60a3612

As everywhere else in Kuala Lumpur you have to watch out for the motorbikes and cars as they are driving everywhere.

_60a3609  _60a3586

At the shopping you will find a wide selection of shops to choose from including the high class brands. So for the once loving shopping it would be easy to spend some hours checking out the stores. As I had spent a few hours walking around outside the shopping centers I decided that the only shopping I would to this Sunday, other than buying a some fruit at the market, would be to buy a few items at the grocery store to take back to my hotel. So exploring the shopping centers will have to be for next time.


Bangsar Village is located within one of Kuala Lumpur’s most affluent neighbourhoods and is Easily accessible via the Bangsar LRT station, Rapid KL’s Kelana Jaya Line has a stopover along Jalan Bangsar. Jalan Telawi – Bangsar Village I & II’s address – is a five-minute cab ride away. Alternatively, you can hop on the Rapid KL bus U87 (which also goes past Mid Valley Megamall) to get to Bangsar Baru and then walk to the retail emporium.

The Culture heart of Bali

We had chosen Bali as destination for this ester holiday, but chose to go beyond the big cities and the beaches and in to the charming area of Ubud. Also known as the culture heart of Bali. Ubud is surrounded by beauty, all from the Jungle, the rice fields, the smiling faces of the local people & temples. And you find some nice spots for chilling out when the sun gets to strong, with some great restaurants, bars and cafes.

Dame 1-1992  Dame 1-1989

Our choice of hotel was a new built resort close to the city center so easy walking distance to most attractions with Money forest being one of them.

Dame 1-2030  Dame 1-1926

Dame 1-1925  Dame 1-2035

Surrounded by nature we felt the tranquility as soon as we stept inside the resort. Our room was overlooking the Jungle with some rice paddies down below.

IMG_8577  IMG_8575

We spent a day strolling the streets, visiting some of the market places, stopped for lunch and some refreshing drinks and a visit to the Monkey forest.

Dame 1-1932  Dame 1-1934

We took a shortcut down to Monkey forest from the hotel and it’s a lot of new development in progress in the area. It’s an area with rice paddies mingled in between the different hotels and restaurants along the way.

Dame 1-1935  Dame 1-1929

We did not spend too much time at the Monkey forest as none of us like the monkeys to much. We are both a bit scared of them jumping on us. It has happened to me a few times and I can’t say I like the feeling very much. But I do like to capture them with my camera.

Dame 1-1953  Dame 1-1946

Dame 1-1956 Dame 1-1957 Dame 1-1943

One advice I got when walking in the Nature reserve in Singapore is to never make eye contact with the monkeys.

Dame 1-1950  Dame 1-1945

After a stroll around the forest we wanted to try out the Locavore restaurant for lunch but it only had a set testing menu available so we headed over to “Loca Vore to go”. They serve modern cuisine with local products and the food is very tasty.

Dame 1-1985  Dame 1-1981

Dame 1-1980  Dame 1-1978

As the weather in Bali was quite hot at the time some chilling out at the pool just before sunset was just the perfect spot to be. Nothing better than a dip in the pool with a drink looking at the sunset.

Dame 1-2033  Dame 1-2039

As the hotel was newly opened they only served beer, but on a hot day it was not a bad substitute for wine and coctails that would have been our preferred drinks.

IMG_8594  IMG_8628

Our evenings was spent trying out different restaurants and one of them being the Blanco par mandif. The restaurant was difficult to find and it has an interesting touch to it with a different dining experience. It serves Indonesian cuisine with very creative presentation and very tasty.

IMG_8613  IMG_8616

We also got it paired with the drinks and we tried a lot of interesting combinations.

IMG_8614  IMG_8607

IMG_8617  IMG_8618

We also tried out Pica for dinner and again another great choice of restaurant. The food tasted amazing. It’s serves South American cuisine.


We signed up for a bike ride one of the days and started our bike tour at the top of Mt Batur,  From there it was mostly downhill back in to town.

Dame 1-2071  Dame 1-2073

Dame 1-2068  Dame 1-2092

Our guide explained us to keep the gear in 2 and 7, like non off us had ever been on a bike before. He kept repeating this to us a few times to make sure everyone understood, also pointing out that if facing a uphill we should change gear. At the time we faced a steep uphill slope it was just to jump off the bike and push it as the gear was stuck for most of us. It had probably not been changed that often.

Dame 1-2075 Dame 1-2078 Dame 1-2089

Dame 1-2080  Dame 1-2082

The ride down the mountain went through local villages and rice fields with some information from the guide along the way.

Dame 1-2100  Dame 1-2094

We got picked up for our bike ride after breakfast and on the way to our starting point we has a stop at a coffee plantation where they informed us about the process of the luwak coffee and some tasting was offered as well.

Dame 1-2063  20160327-_60A2066

Another stop along the way was in the village of Tegallalang.

Dame 1-2060  Dame 1-2051

A great place to stop for an amazing view of the beautiful rice terrace that the village is known for.

Dame 1-2059  Dame 1-2046

Well back in Ubud we headed over to the 3 monkeys cafe for some refreshment

Dame 1-1972  Dame 1-1973

and a stroll around the city center visiting some temples along the way.

20160326-_60A2010  20160326-_60A2008

Dame 1-1996  20160326-_60A2018

A group of school kids was passing by enjoying the time in the city before heading back to the different villages they come from.

Dame 1-2002  Dame 1-2001

20160326-_60A2023  20160326-_60A1968

On our search for the Blanco par mandif restaurant we found a nice wine bar to hang out for a few drinks before dinner. DIVINE is bridges wine and cocktail bar with view overlooking the river.

IMG_8600  IMG_8598

We did not have time to try out the Bridges restaurant so will put it on the bucket list for our next visit to Ubud.

Our flight was with Garuda Indonesia direct from Singapore

We stayed at Goya Boutique Resort

Recommended places to eat and drink: Blanco par Mandif, Cafe Lotus, Cafe Wayan & Bakery, 3 Monkeys cafe, Pica, Loca Vore to go, DIVINE wine and cocktail bar.




A stroll around the Jagalchi Fish Market

I was strolling the streets early on a Sunday morning on my way to Jagalchi fish market. It was December and the street was still very quiet and only a few stalls was open at this time. Others were getting ready to open and preparing for the day.

_60A0038  _60A0048

_60A0043  _60A0051

Some cleaning in front of the store and some laying out the fish ready to be sold. The closer i got to the fish market the more busy it was. I passed the stalls and headed in to the indoor wet fish market.

_60A0068  _60A0056

_60A0078  _60A0069

I walked inside the building but as it was still quiet i decided to head over to the outdoor wet market that is located just next to the indoor market.

_60A0082  _60A0088

Fish was unloaded from small and large fishing boats and the outdoor market got busy.

_60A0098  _60A0097

Passing this i was thinking why not try out the waffles like thing looking like fish? Well i decided to miss it this time and headed in the direction of the harbor as i could see lots of fishing boats had anchored up and was unloading fish to be sold at the marked and transported off to other places in the country to be sold.

_60A0127  _60A0123

_60A0122  _60A0132

The harbor was busy and people was shouting at all corners to make sure the fish got to the right trucks or sold off to the local marked.

_60A0146  _60A0144

_60A0138  _60A0154

All was very well organized and boxes got stored in different location or transported direct on the trucks for transportation.

_60A0129  _60A0170

_60A0145  _60A0107

The Jagalchi fish market is the largest fish market in Korea and you will find fresh fish that can be purchased for a good price. With the location beside Nampo port the fish can be delivered quickly and kept fresh.

_60A0104  _60A0101

The market is famous as many elderly woman run the fish stands and have done so since the men were off fighting in the Korean War. Meals are served to locals and tourist alike in the small restaurants they have set up behind the stalls were they are selling the fish.

_60A0099  _60A0105

A lot of restaurants come here to buy fish from wholesalers.

_60A0178  _60A0177

At the time I left the market it was getting really busy.

If you visit Busan make sure you visit the Jagalchi market. Try out some of the food stalls or just stroll around. Either way it is worth the visit.