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What happens in Bangkok…

And the continuation could easy have been … stays in Bangkok! But our New Year’s eve did not get that crazy.

Bangkok is known to have some of the best night scenes in Asia. For anyone that like party, there is a lot to choose from of neon-lit clubs and bars with cheap alcohol.

This New Year eve we decided to stay at the same location as we would celebrate as from earlier experience trying to get taxi on New year eve can be quite tricky so we booked our stay at the Lebua with a room overlooking the river.

_60A0695  _60A0501

We touched down in Bangkok around lunch time, checked in to our hotel and started our celebration with lunch at the poolside restaurant and a few glasses of rose while waiting for our room to get ready.


As we had not made any dinner plans up front and most things were fully booked for New Years eve events,  we ended up with a table at the Opus Wine bar for a 7 course dinner. Not what we had in mind but as options was limited for this evening we went for it and it ended up being a surprising evening with fantastic food and wine.

IMG_7622  IMG_7623

We welcomed 2016 reaching for the stars at the Dome sipping Champagne at Flute A Perrier-Jouët Champagne bar with an amazing view and fantastic atmosphere. Our new found friends at the bar invited us to tangle along for some drinks to check out Bangkok’s night life but we turned it down. Waking up next morning we were both happy we did.

IMG_7626  IMG_7648

IMG_7654  IMG_7647

Bangkok, also known as the Asian “City of Angles” is the perfect place to spend New year eve and some days after to laze around, indulge and get pampered. And this is just what we did.

_60A0594  _60A0583

Our remaining days was spent visiting the different temples and trying out some local Thai food.

We found our way to the Chao Phraya river, also named “the river of kings” by King Rama I, to check out Bangkok’s waterway. The Riverboats are a great way to get around to the different sites. After the New Year celebration it felt good with the nice breeze from the river.

_60A0505  _60A0507

_60A0511  _60A0523

We visited What Arun “Temple of Dawn”, named after Aruna, the Indian God of Dawn. Sitting majestically on the Thonburi side of the Chao Phraya River, the legendary Wat Arun is one of the most striking riverside landmarks of Thailand.

_60A0531  _60A0538

_60A0532 _60A0525 _60A0533

Followed by a visit to  Wat Pho “Temple of Reclining Buddha” that is just across the river so just a short ferry ride away.

_60A0537  _60A0558

_60A0555  _60A0563

Wat Pho’s top highlight is the genuinely impressive Reclining Buddha and it’s an amazing site. We had to queue up to enter in to the room where it is located and had to take off the shoes. They provide plastic bags for you to bring them along with you so when you get back out they will not be lost.

_60A0559  _60A0553  _60A0564

_60A0566 _60A0568  _60A0549

We spent some morning hours at the Chatuchak weekend market, that is Asia’s largest market with 27 sections and over 15.000 booths selling virtually everything. As we went early morning it was not to crowded but at the time we left it was quite packed.

_60A0600  _60A0608

_60A0601  _60A0602

We picked up a map at the entrance to make sure not to get lost.

_60A0616  _60A0628

_60A0609 _60A0606 _60A0615

As Bangkok get really hot on a sunny day a refreshing coconut ice cream would have been a good option to try, but as the queue was to long we ended up with some water instead.

_60A0623  _60A0620

We visited Chinatown for a stroll around and different from other places in Bangkok on this day when most stores were closed due to the holiday, Chinatown was quite busy.

_60A0662  _60A0654

_60A0660  _60A0646

The many gold shops along the street was packed with people and just off the small side roads in any directions we passed stores selling just about anything you would be looking for.

_60A0657  _60A0649

_60A0656  _60A0664

After a long day strolling the streets we visiting one of the many massage places in Bangkok for a well earned foot massage. To get around Bangkok we used Tuk-Tuk as long as the distance was not to far. It is a easy way to get around and your find them everywhere.

_60A0678  _60A0572

_60A0548  _60A0681

Food lovers as we are and having tried out some of the local food that we both love, we wanted to try out Bangkok’s international kitchen. Due to the holiday lots of places were closed, but at the end we managed to book a table at the Savelberg Restaurant. And it ended up being and amazing culinary experience.

IMG_7747  IMG_7754

Savelberg Bangkok is located at the Oriental Residence and is run by Henk Savelberg, a critically-acclaimed chef behind four different Michelin-starred restaurants in the Netherlands. As the main man himself is working the kitchen on a daily basis we had the pleasure of meeting him when he came over to our table to welcome us to the restaurant.

IMG_7756   IMG_7753

We headed up to the sky bar at the Dome to watch the sunset and to try out the  smooth yet powerful Hangovertini before ending our evening checking out Bangkok’s famous night life. Bangkok becomes a different city at night so well worth to try it out.

DSCF0905  DSCF0904

The Hangovertini cocktail was created by Lebua’s mixologist for cast and crew of “The Hangover Part II,” which features a few key scenes shot at the hotel. The Cocktail is made with Chivas 18 years, Zen green tea liqueur, Martini Rosso, green apple juice & rosemary infused honey.


Our flight to Bangkok from Singapore was with Tiger Air.

Our hotel during our stay: Lebua at state tower

Bars with a view: Sky bar at Lebua

Places to eat: Savelberg, for a culinary experience (French), Blue Elephant (Thai), Opus Wine bar (Italian)





New Year – New Adventures

It’s a new year and for most of us this is when we make plans. Some make plans to changes things to the better, start a journey to be more fit, eat more healthy, plan the big adventure of the year, Travel to a new country, spend more time with the family, Do great things at work and the list continues.

I was having a moment reflecting over life and thinking back to when I was young and how big the world seemed to be.

Africa, Asia, Amerika. Far away countries that looked so amazing and exotic. I had a dream to visit Rio de Janeiro and see the Carnival, Be among the wild animals in Africa, Hike the famous mountains of Himalayas, visit the land known as “Down Under” and not to forget a visit to New Zealand to see if it was as similar to Norway as I heard it would be.

I grew up on an Island connected with a bridge to a small town in Norway. I spent most of my holiday at my GrandParents place. Once in a while we would take a trip to Sweden or Denmark or even Germany and for me these were big adventures.

On my first trip to London I found myself learning so much about the world I before only had seen on TV. People off all kind. I suddenly saw them passing by me. People with mohawk coiffure in different colours, people with strange clothes, people singing in the street, everything so amazing and new to me.

At the age of 18, I was on my way for a 2 weeks holiday with my sister to the famous Party Island of Ibiza. Suddenly the world had become a bit smaller and before I knew I was visiting Asia for the first time. Experiencing eating with 2 wooden sticks, Sitting on the floor until I could not feel my legs anymore, and getting a surprise when I discovered the restaurant only had squat toilets.

Today I am back in Asia and live in Singapore. An Island, that is a big city and also a country, connected with a bridge to the bordering country, Malaysia. Along the way I have been in Rio to see the Carnival, I have visited the Amazon, been to Mexico diving the Cenotes, Hiked to Machu Picchu, Seen the wild animals in South Africa, visited the land “Down Under”, Hiked the famous mountains of Himalayas and motor-biked the North Island of New Zealand but still have not made it down to the south Island to see if it is as similar to Norway as Everyone is telling me.

In a way the world have become so much smaller but again so big as the more I travel the more new places I would like to see.

There’s a whole would out there and New Adventure Awaits

Let’s welcome the year of the Goat.