New Year – New Adventures

It’s a new year and for most of us this is when we make plans. Some make plans to changes things to the better, start a journey to be more fit, eat more healthy, plan the big adventure of the year, Travel to a new country, spend more time with the family, Do great things at work and the list continues.

I was having a moment reflecting over life and thinking back to when I was young and how big the world seemed to be.

Africa, Asia, Amerika. Far away countries that looked so amazing and exotic. I had a dream to visit Rio de Janeiro and see the Carnival, Be among the wild animals in Africa, Hike the famous mountains of Himalayas, visit the land known as “Down Under” and not to forget a visit to New Zealand to see if it was as similar to Norway as I heard it would be.

I grew up on an Island connected with a bridge to a small town in Norway. I spent most of my holiday at my GrandParents place. Once in a while we would take a trip to Sweden or Denmark or even Germany and for me these were big adventures.

On my first trip to London I found myself learning so much about the world I before only had seen on TV. People off all kind. I suddenly saw them passing by me. People with mohawk coiffure in different colours, people with strange clothes, people singing in the street, everything so amazing and new to me.

At the age of 18, I was on my way for a 2 weeks holiday with my sister to the famous Party Island of Ibiza. Suddenly the world had become a bit smaller and before I knew I was visiting Asia for the first time. Experiencing eating with 2 wooden sticks, Sitting on the floor until I could not feel my legs anymore, and getting a surprise when I discovered the restaurant only had squat toilets.

Today I am back in Asia and live in Singapore. An Island, that is a big city and also a country, connected with a bridge to the bordering country, Malaysia. Along the way I have been in Rio to see the Carnival, I have visited the Amazon, been to Mexico diving the Cenotes, Hiked to Machu Picchu, Seen the wild animals in South Africa, visited the land “Down Under”, Hiked the famous mountains of Himalayas and motor-biked the North Island of New Zealand but still have not made it down to the south Island to see if it is as similar to Norway as Everyone is telling me.

In a way the world have become so much smaller but again so big as the more I travel the more new places I would like to see.

There’s a whole would out there and New Adventure Awaits

Let’s welcome the year of the Goat.

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