Singapore Air show

Asia’s Biggest For Aviation’s Finest



I spent my Saturday morning watching the Singapore Air show and what a great show. It was crowded with people and the weather was hot and a bit cloudy, so sun block was a must and I had my camera ready to try got get some nice shots so here is some of the photos taken during the show.

_60A2509  _60A2519

_60A2555  _60A2566

RSAF Black Knights, Singapore Team Aerobatics performing in F-16C Fighting Falcon jets with a new design having a crescent moon and five stars against its red and white body.

_60A2657  _60A2658


Amazing Aerobatics performed by the team.


Then some Aerobatics from the TNI-AU Jupiter Aerobatic Team from Indonesia.

_60A2795  _60A2681

_60A2824  _60A2689


Followed by this amazing aircraft from MV-22B Osprey, United States Solo Aerobatics.


The Marine Corps’ MV-22B Osprey is the world’s first production tilt-rotor aircraft, combining the best capabilities of a helicopter with range, airspeed and payload of fixed-wing airplanes. With vertical takeoff/landing ability, runways are not necessary, making it the perfect aircraft to respond to crisis and to move people and cargo quickly.

_60A2879  _60A2874

And then the show with the performance from the RAAF F18-F, Australia. The F/A-18F Super Hornets are larger than the classic model with many detail improvements.

_60A2966  _60A2969


It was a fantastic show full of action, music and high speed performance.

For more info about Singapore Air show you can check out the official site:

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